Saturday, October 11, 2008

Smacking up a Groovy demo in less than 10 seconds

Write mvn groovy:console , and you will get a console where you can execute Java/Groovy code by typing ctrl+enter/+enter.

If I were to learn a new language, or Java from scratch again in the University, This way of packaging would make a HUGE difference!

What next?

The sweet spot for using Groovy is

  • Familiarity to Java developers. Paste in your favorite Java code, and it will compile

  • Java classes are imported and used as normal

  • Strings, Files and many other standard classes have been extended with often-used functionality

  • Handling stuff on the file system - copying, deleting aso

  • Parsing XML in a nice DSL

  • Simple SQL/JDBC

  • Binding together a Java application


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