Friday, November 14, 2008

Does insta-backup Dropbox impress the blasé crowd?

DropBox small logoI tried out dropBox today. Nice intro vid, simple app for mac which says that "Everything inside this folder is kept up to date with what's on the web. If you do any changes, they are instamatically updated elsewhere" Not only that, but if you have another machine online that uses the same account and has the same file, they are automatically updated. Did I mention versioning?
One use is the shared-excel-spredsheet which holds all the current tasks and work in progress.


Wow, nice

now I can both do backup and collaboration with other people via the web. Next thought is; I've already thought out how I could do the same stuff with Subversion. Only thing is that neither me or anyone else had the time to implement it.

Are we blasé?

First people go "oooh, I've never seen anyone do that before", 5 minutes later, they're browse off to slashdot. Jesus would have a hard time finding a crowd these days.

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