Sunday, June 15, 2008

Creating the next big idea

Note to self:

  • Good Ideas are the ones that are simple to understand and take little time to implement

  • The more complexity in the idea, the more it will cost and risk increases

  • Stop when you've created a minimalistic prototype. Work should then be used on documenting it. What you have made now is most likely the most valuable part

  • Before you start implementing, make sure that the prioritized task is the one which gives the most value

  • Tasks should never be longer than 'til the end of the day. You will feel more satisfied and vigorous if you accomplished the task and can walk away from it with a clean concious, rather than beeing irritated of the work you still have to do, which you can't start on for another week

  • Keep expectations low and commitments few until confident in delivering. It might be a painful to walk away from a project which doesn't have the right of life

  • Have pen and paper handy
    * Even waiting for the word processor can take enough time for you to forget the essence or details
    * Diagrams on paper are more worth than trying to find the correct utility to draw with

  • Write down all good ideas in a version 2.0 list

  • Stick to your plan until you've done a reestimate

  • Try to use API's, conventions and public datasources than creating your own.

  • It is easier to see the what can be improved on others work than to create your own from scratch

  • There are other people that are smarter than you, have better ideas and more resources

  • Given time working on the subject, noone knows it better than you

  • Your ideas will propably not make you rich and famous. But you at least can have fun in the process

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