Saturday, June 7, 2008

Tagger Tracker

Detailed: Community driven website for tracking tagers, where users can:

  • upload pictures of the artwork

  • upload surveillance footage

  • track time and place

  • comment on style, similarities and possible suspects.

Sentral to this application is a file. A file is a record of a sighting, containing time, positioning sightings on a street map, footage of incident, linking to other files or a suspects portafoilo and comments. The suspects gather a portafolio of files.

It is important that the site offers anonymizing the information, such that the incriminating details can be uploaded, but is only accessible for people with the right credentials. The information also needs a rating system to say something about the propability and correctness of information, to increase the data quality. Such an application will need an active set of moderators to avoid negative publicity.

Data analysis: The application must facilitate finding similarities between files, and finding relations between sightings and the motivation, and profile of suspects.

This can help structuring information such as

  • places of interest and facilities often visited (home, work, school)

  • social events

  • drinking/drug habits

Implementation: Topic map to store and relate the gathered information. Simple data storage of pictures and video footage. Map integration with Google maps or similar. Simple forum or wiki to discuss the sightings. Tracker GUI to view the material based on suspects, elapsed time, put sightings into context events such as parties aso, location of maps, spot similarities between artwork.

Conclusion: Creating a Tagger Tracker should not face any implementation difficulties. Creating an active community of commiters should not pose a problem. The moral issue of playing neighbourhood vigilante is something to be aware of, but differs according to application and country. Such an project has the potential for great opensourceness, but most likely little flow of income.

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