Monday, June 23, 2008

Java Sorting Box for dynamically invoking receptors

System color is not a requirement.The system I want to create must invoke the receptor's call(x) with the objects from the pile that correspond the receptors interface.

I have a pile of objects of the classes; PinkTriangle, GreenSylinder and RedSquare, implementing Interfaces Triangle, Square and Circle, and a set of receptors; TriangleHole, SquareHole og SircleHole, who's call(x) functions accept Triangle, Square or Circle interfaces (or children).

Secondary requirement - Other restrictions may be applied and checked before execution, eg. a simple rule language in the Circle call's functions annotation, describing max X and Y size.

Detailed graphical illustration of how the System and intended behaviour:

Is there any Java library that facilitates this kind of behaviour? Preferrably as simple as possible.

PS, Guess what the system Demo will look like! :)

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  1. Current suggestions:
    * Reflection - Don't want to go there if I can avoid it, because of possible complexity
    * Oval Object Validation Framework -


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