Sunday, June 15, 2008

Miss detective

AUser story: Find anonymized celebrity

Norwegian media have a nasty habit of "half-telling" stories of people in focus of the police or are on the media shitlist. Finding these people should initially be hard, but by gathering the pieces of information, one can often easily find out who that person is. Often weblogs tell what the media "anonymize" or aren't allowed to, and may draw their own conclusions. Like a miss detective, the application will help a curious person of finding out who the victim of media hatred is :)

Exibit A: Lommemannen

The "pocket man" is someone notorious for asking small boys to "find out what's in his pockets".

The media starts out by tellingPhantom drawing

And when the police/media finds a suspect tells

  • economical status (fairly rich)

  • the town where he lives

  • interviews unsuspecting neighbours with full name

  • what he does on his spare time (road racing)

  • a picture of his house

  • the list goes on

These people are described indirectly with details like "male person


Creating an application for this domain consists of gathering the relevant clues, finding relations between them, analyzing the possible correctness of the data, and acknowledging that most of the data used is of poor quality.

Data sources include

  • location - plot in places of interrest on a map and define a search radius. The map gives us town, adjacent places of interests (shops, companies), roads aso. Sources: Google Maps,,

  • people - living, working or otherwise related to a location. Source: Phone book, Facebook, google

  • income / social status - tax information is publicly accessible in norway

  • relations - what have they done that is recorded on the internet. Source: newspapers, imdb, google aso.

Have fun catching villains or ruining innocent people's personal lives!

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